Selectors error when i run the get full text


I am getting a selector-error which says as shown in attachment.
The title is dynamic. What I have done is basically, the bot should open the pdf, get full text from it and then store it into a notepad, from which I will be later converting to .csv file.

Thanks in advance

I hope someone tries this and then lets me know how to proceed. I have also tried the wildcard method, didnt work.


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I think we are still left with few attribute values to be replaced with wildcards *
kindly check tht once by choosing the element one time and another time as well
so that we can find the difference of attribute values in them

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
you were almost done
Cheers @Ravindra_Mukund


Try to replace all the attributes that varies for each type with wildcard(*) and this should solve your issue.

Like title=‘PO-Clover Ventures-FM-BLR-*’

Let us know if you still face the issue.

Pavan H

Hi @pavanh003, I tried replacing the wildcard for the attributes that vary, but I’m still getting this issue. Hoping you take a look?


@pavanh003 @Palaniyappan, What I tried to do is pass the filename for the title in the selector, but still, I’m getting the error. Please check and let me know how to proceed.


Try to make the filename as string and then use it inside the selector region or filename.tostring in selector, This might help you solve the issue.
Please let us know if it did not work.

Pavan H

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