Selectors - changes beetwen 19.11 and 20.10?

After change package UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities from 19.11.x to 20.10.8 selectors in Java application are not found. Application dindt changed. Is it the fault of some new way of recognizing selectors by UiPath?

Another question - until now I build dynamic selector for example like this:


With that option selector was working for example in tables (like in this Java application with tag row in table and raising int counter like row=‘“+int_Var.toString+”’

what is difference beetwen this way and this from: Dynamic Selectors so like:

I noticed that building with “++” cause selector to can’t be validated and its displayed as text. When I used {{}} it is readable as selector and validated. Is it the only difference? Is there any recommendation to use one or another?

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@Yameso Nice Question

I will try to explain… See if you get it…

The {} we call it a placeholder and it is supported in the HTML.

Now when we create it using ++ then it will consider ++ value as the text. so you need to make it edit in form of string and then your string will not be supported as HTML unless it is rendered to HTML again by the compiler. Which will happen run time

The value you are passing to the {} place holder again will be static in form of a variable which will be initiated with the default value.

If you remove the default value and assign it to the variable using Assign activity then it will not validate your selector.

In short, you are passing the static/constant value in form of a variable which will allow you to validate it before run time.

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That’s quite explanatory:)

What about the first question?

You need to take the selector and compare both of them…
In the UiPath update, 20.10.8 Explorer is taking different attributes in the default consideration…
Many of them contain parent id and IDX property.

Might give some input if you share both new and old selectors…

could you please give some example I could not understand I really appreciate

Can you explain the issue in more detail?
Java application selectors are not found means you are not able to take the selector or the existing selectors are not showing validated?

I’ll try to get that selector which stopped working after updating package, and I will get back to you.