Selectors and scraping

we have one site where we need to do some operations like first we n to extract data in extraction is done but now next step is :1) Click Search symbol if the year is above 2018
2) Download the check request if it’s available
want to do opration on data file
will share my excel file


Some ideas:

  1. Iterate through the Excel using the For Each Row activity and identify those cases for each you want to click the Search symbol
  2. If possible, build the Search URL directly: http://website/search/{WIID} - the one to which you navigate by clicking the Search button might have a pattern. Navigate to that URL using the Use App/ Browser activity
  3. Use the Wait For Download activity to get the data file by clicking on the Download button.

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for download we need to check wheater it contains pdf file or not then will confusion is we need to click search button for every file and and check wheather file is available or not how we do that