SelectorNotFoundException coming while clicking a link in Citrix environment and executing from Orchestrator


In my case, the application is hosted in Citrix environment. During the execution started by the Orchestrator it is throwing a ‘SelectorNotFoundException’ while trying to open the application by using ‘Citrix Recorder-click Text’ activity . It is working perfectly fine while the server session is kept opened.
Seems, this is a common issue and applied most of the solution provided in the forum.But of no luck as of now.
Here is what has been tried:

  1. Setting loginToConsole to false or true in the Uipath.settings file. Either way does not work.

  2. Tried wrapping the logic and using Launch Interactive Workflow with the values: Width: 1366, Height: 768, Depth: 32, loginToConsole: false (or true) without success either.

3.Tried changing the registry

  1. Tried using normal click

  2. Tried using different version of Citrix receiver

Does anybody have a solution for this?