Selector works when static but doesnt work when dynamic(Variable)

Hi, I have a problem here. i am working on a web automation (Javascript) my selector works when it is static. if i however attempt to make it dynamic, it fails to work.

The first picture works and the second picture does not work

I would really appreciate a solution.

Thank you



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Hi @Ayodeji_Osikoya

  • You can run the process and check it. because it will validate only in the execution time.


It didnt work. I have tried it multiple times. here is the error


Try to use * for Parentid.


Cheers @Ayodeji_Osikoya


You are passing Sep 2021?

Check if that is in the list? also check that it is visible

Can you share the element screenshot?


It does work.

But Iā€™m trying to get last four months. September,August, July and June

How would that work?

its in the list.


Can you share the screenshot of the element with the list?

Is it a dropdown or how it is look like?


here is it. thank you

Actually your variable LastMonth in selector is rightly passed

Is value mentioned correctly to that varivale

Pls check that

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Thank you @Srini84 . i used type into and used the variable and it perfectly worked

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