Selector with dynamic title

Hi I am new to this forum.

I have an applikation with multiple users. Goal is to archive (save as PDF) data from different tabs (user data, items they requested…) for each user.
I need to use screen scraping in some of the tabs. The selector “Title” value changes when a different user is selected. I have tried to disable the title or to use wildcard (*) as title. Neither solution works.


I only get result from the screen scraping when the selector “Title” includes the selected user name. What other options do I have to indicate where on the screen to scrape?

Hi @henkkahh

use a counter and try to increment the counter by 1 with the help of while loop

Ashwin S


@AshwinS2 what he said was correct moreover this can also be used…
<wnd … … … …title=‘autodoc-[Lastname*]’/>

you can use wildcard instead of number there…

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