Selector valid but not visible


I have a problem with a selector from a dropdown menu.
In the UI explorer, the selector is valid even if the menu is not visible and when I try to highlight it, is not showing anything.
When I am running the click activity on this selector with the menu visible… is working fine, but if the menu is not visible, it is clicking in the upper left corner of the page without throwing any errors.

Any ideas?

Here is the full selector:
“<webctrl tag='A’aaname=‘PO Invoice’innertext=‘PO Invoice ’
css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>div>nav>div>ul>li>a’ href=‘;awssk=APirr1EO#
id=’_shrcpd’ parentclass=‘fd-menu__list’ />”

and I am using only:
" <webctrl tag='A’aaname=‘PO Invoice’
innertext='PO Invoice ’
isleaf=‘1’ />"


I believe it would be easier to just click “create” and then the dropdown appears. “Send Hotkey” down which selects PO Invoice and then another “Send Hotekey” enter. That would be the same as clicking “PO Invoice”

Depending on the type of dropdown it is, I would either:

  1. Click the down arrow next to “Create” and then click PO Invoice
  2. Hover Over the “Create” button and then click PO Invoice

I have used both of these approaches many times and they work well.

Unfortunately hotkeys don’t work in the page.
Thank you.

That’s a web based interface. I doubt that hotkeys will not work. Send hotkey down is just like pressing down arrow in your keybpoard. Try it manually, click “Create” and then down arrow on your keyboard and then “Enter”. I believe it will work

I tried this option before opening this discussion. Pressing down arrow key after clicking on create it will just scroll down the page.

Okay,then you can try using UI explorer and look for additional selectors you can use. When you click highlight the element should be hoghlighted to make sure you are getting the right element.