Selector Trouble

Hoping someone can help me trouble shoot a selector I’m having trouble with.

Within this dropdown box, I’m trying to select “Month to Date” but can’t seem to get it to work.

Any suggestions on how I should edit the Selectors would be much appreciated.



if selector doesn’t work try using hotkeys by moving the down key

Remove idx tags from selector
And include text parameter…
this will generate stable selector.


While this is a doable workaround, this should only be done as a last resort. I would not suggest this as the first thing, especially since there are more selector attributes that they could try.

@rahatadi is correct. Try to stay away from idx numbers from what I’ve seen. Add in a few more control names, see which ones work. This is more trial and error than a science to be honest.

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because none of us has access to what the author is doing and thus it is not possible to suggest a reliable selector.

Hence the best recommendation from my point of view is the use of hotkeys since it will definitely work. Unless you have access to what he has, whatever suggestion on the selector might still not work

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Hi @garywjd91,

But hot keys sometime wont work,Better to use dynamic selector or use anchor base

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I really appreciate the way you approach to find out quick solution for this problem and you are correct that we do not have access to target application so sending hotkeys will solve @Gavin_Mcmaster’s problem.
@dmccammond and me trying to fine tune selector because we know that sending keys is not most reliable solution for long run.
@Gavin_Mcmaster - we are encouraging you to play with selectors and try to generate stable one.
Thank you all for fruitful discussion

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