Selector prob

I want to use variable (nameofsheet) in the selector in place of “abhay” in following selector
( “abhay” is the string name of aaname)

"<html app=‘chrome.exe’ omit:title=‘Travel Expense Management(2) | App overview - Qlik Sense’ />"

i tried but it gives error

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can you please give screenshot of selector and error…?


you have not put selctor properly … try like this. ’ “+nameshett+” ’

pls try:



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when i select that particular element then in selector


its actully work

i dint understand you …

it is the selector for the sheet name on my server called as abhay

ty @fmsimoes

it works but still flow isnt working selector still not find element

what type of activity you are using for this…?

if it is click then enable the "“simulateclick property”…


i have already enable it

you dint day what activity you are using …?