Selector - on creating new ticket need ID into variable

When click on create case in ServiceNow it gives me an SNNumber on top leftside of menu …
I tried to get SN number through “Get Text” so that I can record each Excel row data into each new case… but its not working as my selector look like this


I tried to use add variable and add argument in place of SNnumber like this but its still not working.

. can someone help…
@supermanPunch @Palaniyappan @ppr

@Latif The Selector is not visible :sweat_smile: Can you upload a Screenshot of the Selector in UiExplorer, that will be more helpful

Check again…

@Latif I see that you are editing the title attribute as well, Can you use * instead of the {{NewKSNumber}} and check, also you can provide a default value to the variable to check if the Selector is highlighting the right element.

also check the parentid from the span element. It looks like a dynamic generated value and cannot bound to a fixed selector tag.

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I tried with * insted of variable in the Title and its writing the selectore value as BACK
I checked the vale with outpput value… means its not gettting the KSnumber.

@Latif I meant only the title attribute value, aaname you have to keep it as it is :sweat_smile:

You can provide the default value in the variables section :

Please try to use * for parentid attribute, keep title and aaname as you mentioned with variable.
Even if it not works try to remove parentid attribute completely.

Let me know once you try as I suggested

you means like this…
I tried this and by removing the parentID… but still not working …
it says then ‘Selector is not valid.’

@Latif Have you done this ? The Value should be the current value you have in the ServiceNow.

I did it but it always show the default value its not changing the value even i have *.

ok let me ask another way…
I want this KS1491446 to replace with variable så that everytime I ceate a new case I will get the new case ID in that variable.