Selector of getText failling sometimes

I thought I was finished with the level 3 exercise 2, but apperently sometimes my selector for the get text after uploading the yearreport fails sometimes.
In Most cases it works fine, but once in a while the robot is not able to find the ui element, I’ve tried tons of selectors and eather it dosn’t work at all or I get this result. Anyone an idea of what I’m doing wrong?
This is the selector I’m currently using:

if I leave any of the wildcards out, it dosn’t work anymore, if I use them somes it fails.
Just to be clear, when it was created the selector was valid, it’s because the last transaction failed it’s not valid anymore

I managed to figure out what the problem was, apperently I got two different confirmationboxes, one with and one without a checkbox, simular to when getting the monthly reports.
So I added an element exist and an if statement to use two different selectors for each confirmation and that seems to work

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Hi @Daniel_D,
Thank you very much for sharing the solution :slight_smile: It’s very important and I appreciate it! Keep it up!