Selector of get text of different column

these are 3 element selector whats the things i have to make dynamic and add in this to select all in a loop

@Kuldeep_Pandey These are different selector of different elements OR These are selectors of one element

Hello @Kuldeep_Pandey , Kindly unselect the “aaname” and select “isleaf”
Pass dynamic value in idx in case of loop condition, in third line , is there value in sequence order of one by one?

different selector of different element i have to use get text activity in a loop

selected the same thing which you said but its not giving proper output
its giving machine but i have to take total BTT
like this 1.2%

Is this from website application?

Try data scrapping process.
Refer this link

i want to do this process in a loop so we cant do data scrapping first i have to read excel file and open url and the get text from total btt and write again in excel so i have 5 link to do same task in a loop

@Kuldeep_Pandey , You need to extract 1.2% total from the table. am i correct?

Select the 1.2% and send the screenshot of Ui selector.


like 1.2% every page have different btt i have to make to loop that robot go and take the total btt like in 1 url 1.2% is there in 2 4.6% in 3 differrent

@Kuldeep_Pandey Also select 2nd Btt and send the selector. It will use full for idetentify the difference in selectors

2url text


  1. Unselect the AAname
  2. 3rd line aaname tableRow=‘*’
  3. Select isleaf, TableColumn selector
  4. Finally check their is idx shown in selector. if idx appear, send methe Screenshot

idx is not there

pls check this

Now validate and its show in Green signal, Check with highligh, it will indicates the Btt

its shown red signal

Is that selectors corresponding page open in Browser?

yes and also highlights is not working

TRy this
Click Indiacte anchor
and select the Total ,