Selector not working unless using UiExplorer tool

I have something strange I can’t explain. When I want to indicate a selector within a certain application, UiPath doesn’t recognize any individual button within this application, it looks like it only detect the application as a whole. But when I open the UiExplorer tool, I can indicate every single button within this application.

When I paste the value of the selector, captured by using the UiExplorer tool, for example in a click activity and run this, the mouse pointer actually clicks the button.

Now the strange thing, after closing the application and restart it, the click activity doesn’t work anymore. Unless I open the UiExplorer tool, hover over some buttons and then run the activity again.

The application in question is called Brio. I’ts used on the Belgian insurance market.

One of the ways is to do the following:

  1. Get your application working to click the button - copy your selector string and save it someplace
  2. Now close and reopen your application - and as you stated, it will fail and that’s because this time the selector it’s looking for is not found
  3. Repeat your test, and regenerate the selector for that button and compare this selector string with the one you saved in Step 1

You can then figure out what are the common attributes between the two selectors and then manually correct your selector. That should make your selector reusable and reliable.

Hope this helps.

@MTS - You can use stable version of UiPath to resolve the issue.

Try to restart the system after that. It will resolve the issue.