Selector not working in save as

I did not understand the issue when I am directly execute the application then it works fine if I am apply break

point and debug the application then throw me exception.I also apply delay but not work for me

HI Aditya,

can you please share your work flow.

looking at your screenshot it looks like your selector is a partial selector. and is working fine when you run this is normal mode as the last cursor was on same screen which you want to attach.

but in case of debug the Uipath screen comes in between and the cursor position/application gets changed. so please try updating your selector of “Attach window” activity.

@hk803592 Hi I am sharing with you but you are not able to run the application because you have not access Main (2).xaml (53.4 KB)

@hk803592 hi,hemant but most of cases I am stuck here mentioned in attachment

Try deleting cls=‘32748’. This could change sometimes :slight_smile:

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hello @Aditya10989
there are two options first indicate the window(in Attach Window) with three options (save,Save as &…) and check whether you are getting the correct output or not.If not then make appropriate changes in selectors.
Use Click Image Activity and indicate the save as element so in this case you would’nt have to deal with selectors.

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