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Hi All,

I asked the robot to search for “Company & Sons” on our private site. Since I have to perform search for multiple inputs I have passed the selector through variable. However, wherever the name contains ‘&’ the bot is throwing an error “The selector is not valid” - Click activity.

Upon reviewing the error the selector is something like this - " aaname=’ Company & Sons’ parentid =‘OB_Folder2’ tag=‘DIV’ />

‘&’ in the selector is creating a problem.

Can someone please come up with suggestions?

Hi @syedbahauddin

Try this one
Click activity selector remove parent id and aaname to set like this aaname =‘Company*Sons’

Kommi Jeevan.

The drawback with your suggestion is, there is a possibility of another search input which can have “Company of Gladiators & Sons” .


Replace & with string which I have highlighted

Yes, I have done the same !!

Works. thank you so much :slight_smile:

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