Selector not getting identified and validated


I am trying to automate in SAP application. There is a selector that the bot will need to click upon with the following attributes:
tableRow = 12
tableColumn = 0
text = 0010

The value in text will be passed dynamically. The tableRow will sometime not match with text i.e if text is 10, row might be 12 because of duplicates. Due to this reason , I tried de selecting the tableRow attribute and retained tableColumn and text alone, but now the selector is not getting validated. Any idea how to resolve this issue?

P.S : I am keeping all the other mandatory attributes as they are

Hi @Santa_Krish

You can use variable to identify in which row the text need to be insert

So you can pass this variable row to tablerow attribute

Take a look here


Can you not make ‘tableRow = *’ so its dyanmic or is it always row 12?

(I may not be fully understanding your problem)


Hi @Steven_McKeering ,

I tried this way, but still the selectors are not validated.

Do you still have the selector under ‘text’ or have you inserted an actual value?

Can you open UI Explorer and take a screenshot so we can see what other options are available?

PFB the screenshot.

Hi @Santa_Krish

You try to pass tableRow and Text attribute as variables?

@rikulsilva Thanks for sharing. I wont be able to pass tableRow as variable since I wont know its value at runtime. Text attribute value I will be able to pass in, but the issue is that the selector is needing both of them.

Hey @Santa_Krish, could you please try Table Extraction first?

  1. Use the Table Extraction it will scrape all the data on the page.
  2. Use for each loop to iterate the ExtarctedDataTable.
  3. Use one counter for tableRow and one for tableColumn.
    tableRow = rowCounter;}
    else{ rowCounter++}
    Same for tableColumn.

If you’re not able to use ExtractDataTabe then you can try to use fuzzy Selector and anchors, avoid strict selectors.


If you are using UiAutomation package 23.10 and above. You have a possibility to use Table Cell Scope activity with advanced filtering direct in the activity


Try it out

Best regards, Lev