Selector not getting generated while selecting elements in a IE browser

Hello Friends,
I am facing a strange problem.
Summary of the problem is that UiPath studio is not generating any selector when I am doing some activties on a webpage like clicking on a button.
Studio Version used: 18.4
Orchestrator version: 18.4
IE version: 11.1217.177630

Problem details:
I am building a simple sequence which will log into the website “”.
Inside an Open Browser activity(passed the URL as parameter) I have used 2 type into activities to pass the Username and password and then click activity on the Login Button.
However, I don’t see any selector getting generated when I am indicating the elements on screen. Rather each time it’s selecting the whole window. Attached is the screen shot.

Would be of great help if anyone of the learned community members could suggest what can be the issue.

Thanks in Advance

HI @rudra771
Have you tried changing setting of IE.

IE->IE setting->advance->1. TICK 64 bit architecture* and 2. UNTICK Enable Enhanced Protection mode*

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HI Mitesh,
Thank you for your response.
As per your suggestion I checked the browser settings;
Internet Options → Advanced → “Enable 64 bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode* - ON” is ticked
I can’t uncheck the “Security->Internet-> Enable Protected Mode” as that is disabled as per my company’s security policy.

What I am observing that the selector is getting generated on some webpages(intra company) in the IE browser but not for this website or some public websites.
I am not able to understand why is this happening. My colleague from the same company isn’t facing the issue I am facing.
Hope someone can explain this to me.

Thanks in advance,

The problem seems to get resolved when I ran the internet explorer as admin. Don’t know the underlying nuances.