Selector not able to click on button

Hi I create selector when I pass this to double click .But this not able to do double click.I checked validate and highlight selector is fine.But not able to click

Hi @Aditya10989,

Does a single click work?

using single click and double click nothing happened.Link will open when we double clicked.So my requirement to used double click

As mention in attachment

Try using debug nd let me know what error you are getting on that activity or where does it clicks.

its not throwing any error.not able to do double click

Use activity in Attach Browser if you are working on browser or use in Attach window
If still fail then try anchor base
and if still not working then try Click Image

as mentioned in attachment I used attached browser

Still not performing?

yes.but I am not sure I am using right way or wrong.what I have done using uiexplorer I create selector and copy the selector.then I add double click activity and remove the all selector and pasted uiexplorer selector and validate selector and also used select highlight.its selected which I want the element

and when I used only double click activity and indicate element this work fine.But I want to used that selector which I am getting uiexplorer

Why you are copying that selectors, save from UiExplorer directly.
And if normal indicate is working then whats the issue

Because if I used only double click the this will static.So I want to make it dynamic and check data in multiple column.

Then use other attributes
Or else use anchor base
Or click image

Try Below steps:

  1. Activate before the click activity
  2. Uncheck simulate click in click activity

If this works try the same but now with simulate click is enabled… hope this helps :slight_smile: Happy coding