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I have to do a process in which I have an application and click on each of the tabs. In each of the tabs there are incidents. It may happen that there are incidents or that it is empty. The problem is that I tried with Data Scraping and Get text and the same thing always happens to me when there is no data in a tab, I get back what I got in the previous one. Can someone help me please?

@Marisa_Ontiveros This is just an assumed solution, You can try this though :sweat_smile:
If there is Data Available and you get the Available Data always, and there is no error at all, then After you get the Data from 1 tab and use it make that variable which has Data = Nothing, Hence in this way Previous Data if present will be deleted.

We have used a Data Scraping to get the data from the first tab. And when you enter the second tab that has nothing, it takes the data from the previous tab again.

@Marisa_Ontiveros How do you make a move to the Next Tab?Can you share your xaml File?

It is an application and I have to enter 3 different tabs and make a data scraping of each one because I want to get a table of data from each one. The problem is that sometimes there may not be any data. When there is no data you do not recognize it, keep taking the data from the last table you took. To make each tab I have made an array variable with the 3 names of each of the tabs and a for each

@Marisa_Ontiveros - please check your data scrapping selectors/elements in each tab.
Each tab data model should be unique in selectors - else it will return a wrong data.