Selector loss due to memory consumption


I have a question regarding robot execution.
Well, I have a project that always had many problems with selectors, the robot execution is done for hours and I read a post about it here in the forum explaining that the memory consumption caused by so much runtime causes the problem with selectors, but I can’t find this post anymore. The loss of selectors is noticeable after some time of execution and the problem is not with the selector itself. Can anyone tell me something about if there is any way to solve or minimize the problem?

Can I have a view on those selectors and do you mean like the selectors are getting vanished after some times
Cheers @KMota

Hello @Palaniyappan

Yes, after a few hours of execution the selectors start to get into trouble.

In the image above the robot was already running for about 3 hours

the mistakes are like these