Selector list as a special variable

It’s probaly a big change but it would be probably greatly apreciated by everyone.

Most actions are related with selectors, when you are developing a big proyect for a company its very common to have the same selectors every time (for example mainframe selector is always the same).

As a best practice in your project you can define this selectors in variables to have it centraliced however in other rpa tools they also have the capability to share this selectors with all the proyect without much effort.

For example, i think to build a dictionary that allow you to get selectors directly. If you use JSON format, you also can have nest objects:

  • WindowSelector
    ** Button1 Selector
    **Button2 Selector.

Once you have a shared selector dictionary or object you probaly can use UIExplorer to add selectors directly. At least in my experience working with UIExplorer is better than working with automatic selector creation if you are doing a big reusable project.

Hi @Ignacio_Insua_Feito

Studio allows you to pass selector variables to your activities:

This can be found and passed to the activity by using the Find Element activity.

In the context of that, could you elaborate a bit about your use case?