Selector Issue, parent ID keep changing

i am opening a Automated Spreadsheet and using get text to get the data, but the selector’s parent id keep changing , parent ID has 13 digits, every time the page opens /refreshes, the parent id is changing after the first digits, can any one help me how to do it?
There are the diff selector ID’s for the same UI element.

I tried with 15603*, it didnot work.


Some properties may change so try to add another properties from ui explorer and also try to add wildcards parentid="*" ,

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try with class and isleaf=‘0’

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checked with ur suggestion, didnt work.

i added the AA name property , didnt work, what else properties, i can add to make to work?

Please past your full selector…here

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try to use aaname and class and parent class

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Please select aaname, isleaf parentclass. don’t use parendID. try to use class. if that won’t work then please use 3rd line of selector for more accurate identification.

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Hi, thanks ,it worked for one item, what if there are so many tasks ?
I want to get that text one by one in a loop? how do i loop it if i dont have the parent id?

Items are like



You should find more generic selector and aaname="*" or remove aaname and loop based on idx=i (where i is an integer with increment in loop)

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cant able to find generic selector, can i message u in inbox?

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