Selector issue in Orchestrator 2019.10.15


I have a question where when the process are running in Orchestrator, it having a selector issue,
However, when I rerun it in debug mode, the process have no issue.
This issue happens sometimes only.

How this behavior could happen?

Hello @ainaasyhda

Debugging is little slower than running, if the element takes longer time to load it may fail. try to change WaitForReady as complete.

what do you mean a little slower?

the delay between actions will be more in Debugging

When running in debug mode, the process might run slower than in normal execution, giving more time for the application or web page to load fully. In Orchestrator, the process might run faster, leading to timing issues where elements are not yet available when the robot tries to interact with them.

To change the delays you can go to project panel and then click on setting icon
then u will get a settings panel

Okay thank you.
What about if first run in Orchestrator it is faulted because of some selector, however when rerun the process it is working

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