Selector Issue - IE 11 "Don't let this page create more messages"

I’m working on a process that would input data into an external website, and part of the error handling is to extract text from certain pop-ups and use it to clear some input rows. The problem is, the second time the window pops up in a session, IE 11 adds the “Don’t let this page create more messages” checkbox. This changes the selector in a pretty significant way.

I was wondering if anyone had a way to handle this besides having two separate branches depending on which selector exists? I was already using a wildcard after “row” in selector, but I can’t just go from the window class as I need the text and the row number for further activity.

First time without IE checkbox:

wnd app=‘iexplore.exe’ cls=’#32770’ title=‘Message from webpage’
wnd ctrlid=‘65535’ title=‘The Plate Type in row 1 has to be PAS!’

Second time with IE checkbox:

wnd app=‘iexplore.exe’ cls=’#32770’ title=‘Message from webpage’
wnd aaname=‘Message from webpage’ cls=‘DirectUIHWND’
ctrl name=‘Message from webpage’ role=‘pane’
ctrl name=‘The Plate Type in row 5 has to be PAS!’ role=‘text’

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I also face similar issue , Is there any resolution identified for it ?

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I have same issue

Use Delayafter and DelayBefore properties so that the frequency of the alert/Message box will be reset and the issue will NOT occur. This worked for me. Please give it a try. Thanks

Use image exists (for exclamation mark) image over the message pop-up and if it exist then use click (or click image) activity to press ‘ok’ and make it go away!

The issue that I had wasn’t with closing that pop-up, it was with the change in selector that resulted for all subsequent pop-ups.

I’m sure there are other effective options, but here’s how I ended up handling it - every time I needed to attach to a pop-up window in the process, it followed went in a sequence:

  • Element Exists = OriginalSelector
  • If OriginalSelector = True
  • Then Attach OriginalSelector
  • Else Attach ModifiedSelector

And if there are further differences in selector for individual items in the pop-up, I handled those in the same If activity.

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The best way is use IF to check if proper error pop-up window appears and then if the IF statement checked the appearance of pop-up window then returns variable. If value of returned variable is TRUE then CLICK function should click on X button on right upper corner to close window instead of OK button. No problems with selector since then.

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Using an IF condition works fine.
However, is there any permanent fix available so we may avoid the longer route?