Selector issue during web scraping LinkedIn profiles using UiPath

Hi! I am new to UiPath.
I am web Scraping LinkedIn profiles and when I am trying to scrape the education details I am having a issue with the selector. When I scroll down the web page to where the educational details are visible on the desktop and then validate the selector it validates to true but when I validate where on the same web page but where the educational field is not visible then it fails. Can anyone please help me fix this?

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Hi Uma,
Welcome to the community!!
You can use continue on error property to skip the errors if education details are missing on the page. Hope this helps.

Hi @Uma_Ramnath

You can also use element exists activity and check if the element of present or not…

Yes I am using the element exists and the problem I mentioned is within the element exist selector.
This is the selector I am using inside the element exists.

The problem with this selector is that the element exists is true when I scroll down to the page where the educational details are and then validate. the element exists fails when I don't scroll down the page where the details are available.

Are you having issues on scroll down (using send hotkey page down) if the selector is not valid (results false) until scroll down you can scroll down using send hotkey (page down) and after checking you can again scroll up again using send hotkey (page up)

So by this way you can check the education field also you can come back to the starting position