Selector in app desketop

Hi friends, I’m having trouble selecting “carga manual”. It’s not selectable and I can’t find an anchor to help me with said problem. I also can’t get to it using the “tab” key. It has a solution? What I can do?

This is a old application desktop

Can you help me?

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For now, can you try to change UI Framework to AA or UIA, as the following? (Press F4 when indicating element )




There are three ways to do this

  1. Using anchor base activity

Yeah at left side of the anchor base activity use a FIND IMAGE and using that activity drag the region of text near to that radio button as a image

And then in right side of anchor base use a CLICK IMAGE activity
Again drag air mouse by selecting that radio button as a region of image

This will work based on text treated as a anchor image

  1. Using different modes in UI Framework

There are three frameworks in UI Explorer with which we can try to access elements in three different modes

Open Ui explorer in studio
Click on settings button
Select Ui framework
Try with those three options

  1. Finally is with COMPUTER VISION activities

It will be able to get that as a individual element for sure
Give a try and let us know for any further clarification or queries

Cheers @carlos_sabino