Selector Highlight Question

Hi everyone!
I’m currently working on selectors on a browser. While fine tuning, I left the Highlight option on. When I scroll down the page, the same exact area of what I want selected is highlighted. Meaning, the actual selector is not highlighted, but the area where the selector is (when the page is scrolled up). What does this mean? How can I fix it?
I already downloaded the Java extension just in case, but I’m still having issues with the click activity.

Hi @sidb

Try using stimulate properties checked on click activity and try including aaname or innertext attributes!


Do you mean having SimulateClick=True?


Yes! and set wait for ready to complete in properties of click!



Hi @sidb,

Do you mean that the red selector box scrolls with the page, and stops highlighting the element it should if you scroll while highlighting is on? If so, I think that’s expected. Highlight doesn’t lock onto the element and update while you scroll. It just highlights the area it on the screen. If your screen moves, the highlight will move with it, while its on.

That’s exactly what I mean.
Is there a way to circumvent this? Since the page seems to scroll down by itself?

I don’t know of a way to change the behavior of highlight to do what you are asking.

But, if you can explain what problem is happening in your workflow, I’d be glad to help try and figure out how to make it work. Is it that the element you are hoping to interact with automatically scrolls out of view, and you can’t interact with it because of that?

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The highlight meaningless. The position of the highlight is just found when you click Validate and then it stays there. There is nothing to fix and your selector will work fine. Your issue is something else.


If you use Simulate mode for your click activity (instead of Hardware Events) it doesn’t matter if the thing you’re trying to click is off the screen.