Selector hack!

I am hopping some of you have run in to a scenario like below.

Title of the page - ‘Events’

But the page also has javascript that after few minutes changes the title to ‘(x) Events’

I am unable to attach the browser, I have to use Selector.

Any ideas/suggestions on how I can tackle the ‘(x)’ portion and still identify ‘Events’ ?

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Buddy add a wildcard * in front of Events in the selector like this
title = ‘*Event’

It would work for sure


Like this - title=’*Events’ ?

Yes buddy right or even entirely * much better lik this
title = ’ * ’


Just * in title means anything. I tried and it didn’t work. I have to hook the browser some how and my only way was using the title of the browser.

Alright then we cannot use title with full of wildcard but
Even this didn’t work buddy …?
title = ‘*Events’


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That did it @Palaniyappan Thanks!!

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Great buddy @RPA4Gov ,Close this topic with comment marked solution that could help others buddy