Hello Team,
How can i build dynamic selector…as im trying …
image ,

expected Selector -


@Mayyur What valiue is dynamic in the Selector ?


As the policy number varies…creating dynamic selector…a newline in added as \n, and so it is not recognizing the element…

@Mayyur Can you show me the Original Selector After you click on the Element?

Original selector -


@Mayyur Have you tried with : aaname = ‘Encrypted_Insurance_Id_’+{{yourVariable}} ?

Here it is …what i have created,


@Mayyur Why do you have a New Line?

The selector shows invalid if it is in single line…

@Mayyur Can you send the Selector in Text File, I’ll try to make a Change


PolicySelector.txt (252 Bytes)

@Mayyur Is this the Selector of a Click Activity or some other Activity?

it is of click text activity

@Mayyur Check this : There are steps and the Selector that you have to use in this Text File
PolicySelector.txt (417 Bytes)

I checked the selector,it is Validated in UiExplorer but in WF still throwing error…thanks for you help

@Mayyur While running the Workflow?