Selector error occurs while running in different machine

when I run my project in my system it goes working perfectly. But when I run the project in different system, most of the selectors are getting error. What is the solution for this. How can we make a selector to run in different system without any error?

@rifnanahas What kind of Selectors Does it Involve? If it is web it should work fine, Unless you haven’t Properly provided the wild card characters :sweat_smile:

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It works fine in some case…I am using a selector to indicate the date in web… It works fine in some case…But in some situation there occurs error

@rifnanahas Use wildcards and make dynamic selectors.

@rifnanahas Can you show the Selectors that you have used?

webctrl id=‘txtUserName’ tag=‘INPUT’

@rifnanahas I don’t think it’s a good Selector, Can you Indicate the Date Element and Show us the Selector in UiExplorer?