Selector error in locked screen

I have build code to automate desktop application and published to orchestrator. I have scheduled the bot, Bot successfully running in unlocked screen if I run the bot in locked screen getting selector error(Screen timeout reached). Please give me any solution.
Thanks in advance

Hi Suggala,

1.Have you tried this during your development? Say you ran the process in studio and lock the screen and check what is the behavior.
2.checkthe desktop application supports background automation. (you can try with simulate click or type to check the same)
3.When you ran this process from orchestrator, check the login user account has properly setup as given below Installing the Robot


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Hi @Suggala_Tejaswi

Do you have Unattended License

If yes, Check the Service Host is required

  1. Have you installed the Bot which you are running as un attended from orchestrator by using MSI installer since we must install the bot with service mode since service mode bot is required for unattended automation.
  2. Make sure that you assigned un attended bot license for the Bot(VM) which you are trying to run your process un attended.

Have a look on the Thread


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Make sure that bot is installed in service mode and not in user mode

Only then you will be able to access the elements in unattended mode

For more details

To check how is your robot deployed you need to check your Windows services and check under which user it’s working. If it’s your username then you need to reinstall your robot using the msi package.

And if you are trying to run or connect from orchestrator then make sure that in robot setting it is set as false in log in to console

Cheers @Suggala_Tejaswi

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@Suggala_Tejaswi it might be because of the screen resolution changes when the bot trying to login to server during running through orchestrator (Unattended mode).Hence, it was not able to find the element

First check the screen size both in attended mode and unattended mode. Below is the post to get the screen resolution as output

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I have had a similar issue - I used a get attribute to see what the bot finds when in locked screen. If the bot was able to read the parentclass, I set the result to a variable cellVisibility with a Generic type. Then in an if statement I used Not cellVisibility.toString.contains “disabled”. The attribute for parent class will come back as enabled or disabled. Might try something along those lines

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