Selector Editor not finding the "Finish" Button

Hello everyone,

I’m having a curious issue with the selectors. I’m trying to run a report using SAP Concur. Once navigating to the page of interest, I am selecting the year (shown below) using a type into activity “2019”

The only thing I need to click after that is “Finish” at the very bottom of the screen. To find the finish button, I need to scroll down some as seen in the two images below.

To click on that “Finish” button, I am using a “Click” activity. When I click “edit selector” I indicate the element again just for good measure and it reports that it is validated.

When I press highlight, it shows the correct highlighting.

I am attaching a demo workflow below.
FinishDemo.xaml (5.8 KB)

Anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

Open the swlwctor editor in ui explorer and take some other property like aaname instead of id which looks dynamic here. Also since the button is down in page , check sumulate click in the properties of click activity used

I was able to get the browser to scroll to the bottom of the page by using a send hotkey activity and sending pagedown onto the page.

Now, I am just trying to click Finish.

Just like @Sourav_Anand said you can open Ui Explorer, to test what type of attributes the Finish button has just open Ui Explorer click on indicate element, click on Finish, on the right hand side of Ui Explorer you should see selected items and unselected items. You can take these ‘items’ and create your own selector.

If that doesnt work for you, you could try getting to finish by sending tabs a few times and then press space or enter once you’ve tabbed to the finish button.

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Thanks, I was able to solve the issue by passing a send hotkey activity and passing page down through it. Then using the web recorder to click the button.

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