Selector Doubt

Hi ,

i have doubt on selectors .
for eg. <html app='chrome.exe' title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Upload Yearly Report' />
<webctrl aaname=' &#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9; &#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;Select Report File &#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;' tag='LABEL' />

i need to the aaname as Select Report File but default selector generation is like as i pasted . if i use wildcard(*) in the place of ' &#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9; &#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9 both front and back selector getting invalid. Is there is any solutions on this ? and did we use the asterisk 2 times ? like

<webctrl aaname= * Select Report File* tag=‘LABEL’/>

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Check in the UI explorer and try to exclude some attributes and press highlight to see if it works.

Btw, what you want to do exactly ? a screenshot will explain your problem better.

same is generating in UIExplorer

i want to click Select Report File

Well i tried and you do not need to rename it, it is already there, and yes you can use * on both sides it will work

Hope it helps!

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Let me do & get u back!
When I did selector was invalid that’s why raised question.

Hi Sheshrocks,

Thanks lot its working

I missed out to clear the space with in it.


Happy to help!! if you face any other issue regarding assignment 2 or advanced certification, please feel free to ask as i recently completed!

Please also mark the response as solution too :slight_smile:

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Hi Sheshrocks
we need to use Get Text activity to capture the pop-up right to get confirmation of whether the selected file uploaded or not , when i use the get text am getting the full screen selection of ACME. for your ref i attach the screenshot.

what is the solution for this? am using Windows 8 OS due to this is it not working? coz in windows 10 its fine . instead of Get Text if i use Image Exsits i couldn’t process it furthurly. please help to solve this.

So , are you trying to get the upload-id or are you looking just for the pop up ?
I don’t think windows 8 will have a problem, may be it is because of the selector.

Can you paste the error which you are getting in running the workflow?

am trying to get the upload-id using Get Text as per instruction docs, i couldn’t able to capture the I’d after that only i may get selector issue right!

Now i got what you mean, try using ‘Scrape relative’ with google OCR,


Select the report upload message as reference and the upload text to Scrape, Should work.

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Thanks bro!
its working successfully:) happy that learnt new things from you:)

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You’re welcome buddy, after all this forum is all about sharing and learning only :wink:

hi sheshrocks,

i used scarp relative method to get that confirmation id of upload yearly report.

having one more doubt aft captured id we need to split that id alone right

like screenshort but when creating the output element for find image i couldn’t split up it , it shows the error of datatype . coz that output element data type is UI Element rit!
struggling with this.

Actually, it is not required to split if you scrape only the confirmation ID, like below


This is the beauty of scrape relative, you can extract what you want(don’t extract all of it), nothing else :wink:

Hope it helps

hi am done with functions! while running a workflow getting an error on cleanup.

i used the for each loop to delete the unused files in the folder!
i dono what mistake 've did
for ur ref i attach the zip file of workflow bro! (543.7 KB)

Give me some time, will look at it :v:

Okay Sheshrocks :slight_smile:

any updates? reg workflow?

Haven’t checked yet buddy, but just a query? why haven’t you used try catch for cleaning up, it may be because the path doesn’t exists, try to print the path value to check, see if it solves