Selection of several elements

Hello friends, I am automating a process, in which I want to select several elements from a list. The idea is to select all the rows that have less than 20 pallets in the ‘Total Palets’ column and these are not always the same, and you would also have to move the mouse wheel down to select the rows that are not visible.
Is there any activity for such a process?

I attach an image

in what basis you are selecting or checking ? you giving any input?

It’s a web page in which I get to that part through the ‘Application/Browser’ activity with the ‘application’ activities.
I don´t give any input, what I want is for the robot to mark the boxes in which the ‘Total palets’ is less than 20.

you can use datascrapping first and filter which is less than 20
the use for each row activity and you can pass each values through the selectors or you can use check activity for that , open ui explorer and see which attributes are reliable