Selecting specific drop down items

Hi, I am using a drop down menu that you cannot type into that consists of items 1 - 186. I am using a spreadsheet to input the numbers to find the corresponding fields, however I am unable to find a specific field as they are not in order, for example, the order starts as “145, 56, 67, 1, 34” etc… How would this be possible?


Have you tried with select item activity

With the find children Activity the List items can be retrived. The result of this can be analysed, filtered etc and be used for later selection
Let us know If you need more Help on this

Yes, but an error message appears as it is not supported for the software I am using.

Hi, thanks for this but how would this function work?

Can you please Share some Details. What Type of Application is in use (web, Java based …)?

First Reference find Here