Selecting specific data from columns in xlsx excel spreadsheet


I need to scrape some data from multiple columns which have headers on headers.

How do i filter through these correctly. I need data only from the 'Candidate/student identification number’

then from the two other headers ‘Literacy Results/Result’ and also from ‘Numeracy Results/Results

Its quite a large spread sheet. I apologies if the image is not that clear.
I’m basically having trouble getting data from a column that has another header above it.


Filter Activity cant find the column name.

This is the output from read range.
the machine that the bot runs on wont have excel.

[Candidate Details,Column1,Column2,Column3,Column4,Column5,Column6,Column7,Column8,Column9,Column10,Column11,Column12,Column13,Column14,Column15,Column16,Literacy Results,Column17,Column18,Column19,Column20,Numeracy Results,Column21,Column22,Column23,Column24,Column25,Column26,Column27
First Name,Surname,Registration Number,University,Campus,Student Identification Number,DOB,Gender,Course Category,Level of Study or Program Type,Graduated,Literacy Test Venue ,Literacy Test Date,Literacy Testing Attempts,Numeracy Test Venue,Numeracy Test Date ,Numeracy Testing Attempts,Result,Band,Whole test,Reading,Technical skills of writing,Result ,Band ,Whole  test,Number & algebra,Measurement & geometry,Statistics & probability,Calculator available,Calculator not available