Selecting rows as per values

Hi All,

I have uploaded the sheet here. Here I need to filter all the rows for which Date contains “20:00” and “21:00”.
I was trying with filter data table. But something is going wrong with that.
Can anyone please help out?

Can you reupload the sheet? I don’t see it posted.

@Anthony_Humphries: Yeah… Getting a problem with excel application itself. It’s showing that the application is not installed. Trying to get it resolved by the morning. Will upload then. Please give it a try then

I think I know this headache. Have you got the 64-bit version of excel installed? That version can trigger the ‘application not installed’ error.

I managed to bypass the problem by uninstalling that version and installing the 32-bit version.

@Thom_Co: no… It’s built in in my office laptop. They installed the whole package of MS Office… Excel,ppt…everything. Few other people are also facing the same. That might be because of the software upgradation in the back-end. Not sure though…

Doing an Office application repair or reinstalling the Office suite in general has been known to fix the issue as well.

@Anthony_Humphries: will try that also. Few other people got the issue. They said that it was fixed automatically. Let’s see.

However, as soon as I get this issue fixed, will upload the file. That solution is really important for my automation. Looking forward for help @Anthony_Humphries

Book1.xlsx (20.6 KB)

Hello @Anthony_Humphries: Please find the uploaded excel sheet.

Book1.xlsx (20.6 KB)

Hi All, please find the sheet here.

@Ananya_Ghosal In the Excel Sheet Provided, i don’t think there are data with “21:00” and “20:00” values in the Date Column :sweat_smile:

Okay. Then I am providing the original sheet only.COS TP.xlsx (731.9 KB)

Please have a look now

@Ananya_Ghosal Which Sheet do you want to Filter Service Provider or Geo Region?

@Ananya_Ghosal Try this , this Filters for the Service Provider Sheet, you can do it for the other Sheet if that is the Output you needed. (799.4 KB)


Logic will be the same for both. Only requirement is they don’t want a filter table activity here (in excel operation scope). Let me check this solution once.

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@supermanPunch: Thanks a ton Buddy! It worked fine!

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