Selecting Particular Environment(With All Robots) to run a process leads to Parallel execution of same process

I came across this doubt…For example if there are many robots for a specific environment and I check the option for “All Robots” while scheduling a process for that particular environment then what would be the outcome ? … Its my assumption that the process would be executed on all the machines with which the individual robots are associated. Is this the right outcome ? … Also one more thing … if the outcome that I have mentioned is correct, would the execution be happening parallely on all three machines ??

Hi @rrenu59

You are almost correct. Scheduling a trigger on an environment will indeed give the process access to all robots in this environments (with per-machine specific configuration), but it will NOT run the process on all machines right away.

Instead, it might depend on the settings you’ve used in your trigger. For example:

  • if you set up a time trigger to run your process once an hour, then only one machine will be used
  • if you set up a time trigger to run your process once every minute and your process takes more than a minute to execute, then each consecutive trigger each minute will start a process on another machine
  • if you set up a queue trigger to run your processes whenever a queue item is added to a queue and select that each new item triggers a process, then adding three queue items will immediately run the process on three machines to allow you to cover for all queue items right away

I hope it makes things clear :slight_smile:

Hi Maciej,

Thank you for the reply. I actually have community edition and I’m unable to test these in real time.

Please don’t mind asking me another doubt here. Say for an Example, if I have to automate the software installation process parallely in all the machines in a specific environment. So, when i run a process or say start a job selecting all the robots of the process specific environment then will the process be running parallely on all the machines?

I think the way to go in this scenario would be to deploy the robots via script that will also connect each machine individually to Orchestrator, see here:

Actually I just gave an example of software installation… what I mean to ask here is…if I have do the same task on all the bots at the same time i.e. parallely then what is the option I need to select from orchestrator…??

I think in this case you should simple use this when starting your job or creating a trigger: