Selecting multiple similar file types with varying names

Hi, I’m trying to cltr click on multiple text of similar file types which in this case is .s19

How can i do so by clicking on these 3 .s19 files?

Currently my method is to differentiate by file types. In my selector i’m using the wildcard “*.s19” but with this, I can’t differentiate from the other 2 files.

I’ve tried CV get text or table extraction. Table extraction is not possible, it does not detect that it’s in a table format.


the structure of the name file is the same always? like always will end with “LF”?

@WilfredNg Do you use Modern Design
If Yes: Then Use-> For Each UI Element Activity

It is design to iterate over same elements

only 1 of it has LF. The other 2 does not and there is not way to differentiate them other that the file extension .s19

unfortunately, it does not work for non web applications


you can use *LF.s19 in your selector

@WilfredNg oh sad, for this you need to custom iterate through use of Element Exist activity and While loop activity.
You will check all the rows one by one and you will verify through “get text” activity whether it is “.s19” or not. If it is then you can click on it

what about differentiating the other 2 .s19 files?

it can be .s19 but if doesnt contains LF it wont click