Selecting Multiple Calendars - Selecting time of day

So i have two feature requests.

First one is when creating a calendar, it would be nice to be able to set time of day as well. because it’s often only a few hours that there is a system wide service window where we are asked to not run any robots. And we are not talking about service on the platform, we are talking service on parts of our infrastructure or partners infrastructure/service windows. Many of our robots use the same systems but do different things. So being able to add time to the calendar would be really nice

My Second request but actually the most important one. Let triggers be able to select multiple calendars. As you can see we have a service windows calendar and a Public Holiday Calendar. Both being maintained and equally important but needs to be separate as only a few of our robots is asked to not run on those days. Currently we can only choose one or the other. please change this to a checkbox list (scrollable if more then lets say 10)

I would appreciate these features. As of now we need to put downtimes, where a robot cannot work into the config files.

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I sent your suggestion to our internal track for the Orchestrator team to consider :slight_smile:

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This could reduce handling of open/close hours in our UIPath projects.