Selecting Items in a List of a special application named "OKNA2000"

Hi erveryone,
I have a problem with handling a special application. It’s called “OKNA2000”
Here ist the LINK:

I’m trying to help a friend at automate the using with this app.

Unfortunately, the program is not very compatible with UIpath. Many steps I have to do by image search. But so far it has worked. Now I’m facing the problem that I have to search and select a specific item in a list. Unfortunately the activity “Select item” does not work here. I can’t think of a way to select an item from the list.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @Dominic_Roggen,
Welcome to UiPath Community.
Use click activity to click on drop down list and other click activity to select the particular item.Just replicate the manual steps.


If we cannot indicate each element of the list, native mode might help.
In modern activities, NGetText with preview extraction Native mode is useful. Texts and their coordinate data are returned as the following. Then we can click using this coordinate data.
In Classic design, we can also use ScreenScraping or GetVisbleText activity.

Hope this helps you.


Hi Yoichi,

thanks for your answer. I tried to do your descripted solution.
But in the click-activity it seems to be wrong, what I’m trying to do. It shows me the following error:



Output of WordsInfo property is IEnumerable<NWordInfo>. This contains multiple words and their coordinate etc. So First we need to extract target text, then extract its coordinate.

For example, if we need to click first word, the following will work.

wi : IEnumerable<NWordsInfo> from NGetText activity.
uieApp : UiElement from Use Application/Browser activity.



Hi Yoichi,
thanks for your reply.
This works. Now I have the problem, that some lists are longer then the visible area. Do I have to scroll down repeatly or is there a better option than that?


Unfortunately, we can get ( or click) only visible text by this way. So, probably we have no choice but scroll or page down to get text out side of the visible area.