Selecting item in web list


I have a case where I add a new email address on a webpage. Once email is added it is saved and shows at the bottom of the existing email address. All the email addresses have an “edit” button to the right of the email address. I want to click “edit” on the latest email address. Does anyone know how I can get the bot to select the last row of each email list? Is there some sort of vb expression I need. I in a node for the selector it says “tableRow = 9” which in this case is the selector i clicked not necessarily the last item. i tried “tableRow = ‘last’”. However, that did not work.

Inside a Do While. Then make a dynamic selector to check as you loop if a row with that number exists. When you get to the end, say you’re on 8 and it can’t find row 8, that means row 7 is your last row and you can then use that in your selector for the edit button.

Another way to do it would be to use Find Children (set to descendants) and set the filter so it finds just the edit buttons. Then the last item in the array will be the last edit button.