Selecting elements that might appear

The scenario I am in is copying three elements through if statements. I’ve done it before where if this certain object pops up it clicks on it if not then the process resets, and I’m trying to do the same thing for this one. This instance is within a table within a browser and whenever I attempt to do the same thing the process doesn’t reset and I get an error telling me the element does not exist. I want it to copy 5 elements max however most of the time only 3 elements appear or less and I want the process to reset again. I was wondering what other scenario besides “element exists -> boolean element in if statement” would be possible. If not what other approach can I take within the if statement to ensure that I am able to have the process fully run.

Fine we can first validate whether the elements exists or not with ELEMENT EXISTS activity and with the boolean variable from that activity and based on that we can choose whether to proceed or not with a if condition

you were almost done
Cheers @ArvSeyZar

Here is what it looks like and it is within an “if” statement.

I do “element exists” for the second instance for the column in the web browser. It doesn’t reset if the instance doesn’t exist however.

any suggestions? still stuck on this problem