Selecting dynamically from a family tree in web platform

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I am building an automation for web based PDM application where I need to update attributes of individual parts and assign those parts to a specific family tree. The family tree selection has to be made according to the type of part I am modifying. The tree is as shown in image below.

If the part is to be assigned as a Hexagon nuts coarse pitch, then BOT should take the following path:
Mechanical → Fasteners → Nuts → Hexagon nuts → Hexagon nuts coarse pitch (double click on it)

Whereas, If the part is to be assigned as a Lock nut, then BOT should take the following path:
Mechanical → Fasteners → Nuts → Hexagon nuts → Lock nut (double click on it)

I am supposed to add parts to all sub families and the input changes every time. Is there any way I can make such selection from a family tree? What could be the logic for such a program? Any suggestions are welcome.

You can configure the selectors of your click activity to use a variable. For example:

<A href=’…/nextpage.html’ text = '{{strCompType}}>

Where the text =’" was originally containing the name of the component like Lock Nut. Look for particular selectors like that

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Thanks for reply. If it was a simple drop down menu, it would be easy to make it dynamic like you explained. In a family tree like what i have shown, You need to click on ‘+’ sign to access the branches within and the branches are in multiple levels. How can we tackle a tree like that? Since this is web based platform, would it be possible to simulate clicks of internal branches without actually expand the trees?

I hope there would be a standard solution for this since family trees are a common element in web platforms.

If the innermost/last branch of your tree is an html link, I would suggest that you just get the direct links to them and use a “Switch” activity. Example:

Case Nuts
Open Browser > “
Case Bolts
Open Browser > “

I’m not sure if it will be practical in your use case. Just throwing in some ideas

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It was a good suggestion. Unfortunately, It’s a web app.


I tried similar way your requirement not exact solution for this.Please try to execute and let me know your findings.

Tree.xaml (45.5 KB)

Omkar P

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