Selecting Date from Calendar

How to Select Date from a calendar without changing selector every time when run…!!

Hi @Abhirup_Das

Make the selector dynamic. Have a variable that holds the day number so that it can be added to the selector when selecting the day. Same can be done for the month and year.

What is best practice to select dynamic selector

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Can you plz help how to do.!?

Hi @Abhirup_Das,

Its a simple and straight forward simple selector for Departure and Arrival


So here the hard coded value which i have passed you have to pass dynamically the value.

So before clicking on the particular date, you have to do element exists this is because suppose when you click on departure it opens with April and May month but the user wants to book from june 9 to june 10 but its not visible.

For the above selector you have to do element exists, if the element exists is false you have to click on the arrow button to go to next months and again element exists, if the element exists is true then perform the click operation.


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Can you plz help me how to do .
Being new I’m facing some problem . Can you Plz share more details or Workflow.??

Hi @Abhirup_Das,

My basic intention is to get a selector which is able to identify the date in the website for that i have to make selector, but if you indicate on screen and see there is no uniquenes to identify the particular date.

So if you see in your screenshot you have something called property explorer open that and you can see a value called “aria-label=’*Apr 27 2019’” , so this is unique so if i pass my value to this variable it will click there.

Refer the below workflow for reference, i am just opening the browser and clicking on Departure and arrival date , where ever i have hardcoded you have to pass your dynamic values.

Main.xaml (9.8 KB)

**Hi Anil5 **
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I’m facing problem regarding selector when I’m changing it with a variable to make it dynamic .!!


Plz help me to solve it . I’m trying to make a travel automation

Dear @Abhirup_Das,

You have to use the selector like i have mentioned, you cannot use the selector which you have mentioned in above screenshot, it has idx and idx changes usually.

And why are you only passing the day, suppose they want to book for 28th June, which day it will click april, may or june because every month has 28, so you have to pass like this Apr 27 2019.

Please follow the steps mentioned in the above post and refer the workflow and see the selectors for the click events.

Hi Anil5
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It help me to do but now I facing another problem because for changing month I have to use 6 or 12 if
Can it be any other way??

Couldn’t understand ur problem, can you provide more information.

Let I need to Select 5th December but now is 19 April .
So I have to use how much element exist with if condition

is there any other way like use or True or False or Looping so it can be small or easy

Use element exists inside while loop (condition - Not Output), and use if condition when the condition is true perform click operation, and set output=true

Couldn’t understand
Can you Plz Provide More Information or Workflow (13.4 KB)

This is my work Flow…Plz Look at it and Say

Hi @Abhirup_Das,

Refer the below workflow for reference.

I have updated the code so it will select any date mentioned, i have done for Onward date you have to do same for Return Date.

  1. I have used While loop to achieve this that has condition (Not Output) - That means condition is true.
  2. so the while loop will rotate until the condition becomes false, the condition becomes false when it finds the date mentioned by user.
  3. For the above thing, i have used element exists for the date and if the date exists then click on the particular date and click on that and set the boolean variable to false.
  4. Now the while loop will become false and break the loop.

Main.xaml (19.5 KB)


Did you try the above, is it working?

Yes it is working fine for RedBus

Hi @Abhirup_Das
Can you close the topic if the above posts helped

Hi @anil5
I am trying same way in but it just changing month like infinite loop . No date select !!
Bus.xaml (18.5 KB)

This is my work Flow…Plz Look at it and Say

Debug the workflow, check why it’s going to infinite loop as it will be same as of other websites and you will get the solution.

Otherwise you can follow the suggestion provided in your duplicate post.

Hi can you explain this in detail ? think i need the same answer