Selecting DataRow of HTML dataTable on multiple pages


Can I Search in a HTML dataTable on a web page for a specific value. The datatable is based on multiple pages …
after I found the Datarow I need to select in (click on it) in the web page.
Is that possible, because when my dataRow is for example on the 5th page how do I navigate or know that this specific dataRow is on the 5th page for selecting it ??

Hello @Siene, is this approach applicable in your case?

  1. Data Scraping for getting all the table rows
  2. Filter the data table (get only rows with specific value)
  3. (If accessing via URL is possible) We can get the URL of the rows with specific value,
    then navigate the browser there.
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Thank your for your answer, good idea, but in fact in next page is not really a page with URL, ist just a pop up window, every row on every ‘page’ has the same URL :frowning:
So I don’t know how to handle this ??

Hello @Siene, if we must click it, how about:

 Data scrape one current page.
 FOR EACH ROW of the produced Datatable
   Check if a certain condition is met, click the row.
   Check for the next button, if exists go to the next page.
WHILE the next button exists.

Have some spare time, so made a dummy page with Google Shopping (it happen to show a snippet in a popup). It’s working fine in mine but well Google behaves differently most of the time, but you may got some idea from it. Click Row.xaml (17.9 KB)

Thank you, like this it is working!

Glad to hear that!