Selecting data with String and Int

I need to filter out Employees in below table
where Column1 or Column2 or Column3 either contains “neverdone” or the value is greater than 24
I am getting conversion error using select method, And even the Filter option is not giving correct output

Employees Column1 Column2 Column3
Roy test 34 test
John neverdone test test
Ricky test test test
Mike 15 test test
St test 30 neverdone


For now, can you try the following sample?

dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) not r.ItemArray.Any(function(o) o.ToString="neverdone") AndAlso (not r.ItemArray.Any(Function(o) Double.TryParse(o.ToString,new double) AndAlso Double.Parse(o.ToString) >24))).ToArray (2.7 KB)

I think perhaps you should clarify how to handle if there is no numeric data and “neverdone” as Ricky’s record in the above sample.