Selecting data from drop down using search

HI All,

I have a case where I need to select a value from drop down. The trick here is we have have to type a value manually then it displays the result and we have to select the corresponding radio button to select it.

When I do a type into /set text activities the text is pasted in the search box but the corresponding search results are not displayed, instead bot selects the radio button of the very first list. pls suggest if there is way to solve this,

hi @yuvaraja

1.Can you able to check the selector is valid or not for drop down
2.if selector is found you can use send hot key as tab and check it is able to reach the drop down list

Ashwin S

HI @AshwinS2m here the situation is we can’t select directly from drop down, we have to key in the value in the search box shown in the above pic, then we have to enter the item , it displays the item that are relevant to our search in that we have click a radio button corresponding to that.

Hi @yuvaraja , can you tell me you solve this problem ? I get same trick and if you can explain how can resolve it

I am also in the same problematic boat!


does anyone solved this? I even have the same situation. please help

maybe the dorpdown is similar have a check here:


Thank you for your quick response.

I have used - type into, find element and click activities.