Selecting a value from dropdown which has Check box as selection criteria. (Check box under drop down)

Hi below is the example…

I have a drop down from which i have to select few values(Passing inputs through configuration file).

Inside the drop down, the values are listed as Check box. I am finding it difficult to select the desired values.
Simulate click did not work when there values available in the bottom of the drop down(For which i have to drag down). Below is the screenshot and link to the site.

Tried with a javascript. Which did not give the desired result either

.PerformSearch.xaml (43.1 KB)

function chkSuburb(e,val)

var elem = document.getElementsByClassName(‘ms-drop bottom’);
var subList = elem[0].childNodes[0].childNodes;
var val;
for(var i =0 ; i<subList.length;i++)


if(subList[i].innerText.indexOf(val[i])!= -1)




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step 1 : use web record option.
step 2: Text->click mouse -> click text-> once select hole dropdown list.
step 3: from the selected text copy your particular text u want to select and paste it in below "text to be found "text box.
step 4: Once the text got pasted in that textbox. by clicking the “set mouse point” option you can select the left side check box and choose your occurrence “How many times you need to try”.
step 5: press “ESC” and click save and exit.

i haven’t tired with your site but above stuff is one of the approach will work

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