Selecting a text using Ctrl Find in Uipath

Can anyone tell me how to select a text that includes a hyperlink into it using the ctrl+find shortcut key in Uipath?
I couldn’t select the text with a hyperlink using ctrl+find

HI @Sharon_Gifta

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You can try with Find/Replace value activity

Check out this tutorial


Hi @Gokul001

Thanks for your reply
I need to select a text in the Webpage. Is that possible to use the Find/replace activity, since it will be used in the excel application scope?

It is not possible to do in the website. It only for Excel application. @Sharon_Gifta

Can you try with Send HotKey activity and pass Ctrl+f and check it

Hello @Sharon_Gifta

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Can you please share a screenshot of your webpage and the process you are trying to do?

Also is it inside a table structure?


@Gokul001 Yes, I tried it using ctrl f and it is working fine.
FYI: I Use Ctrl f and I will close the find popup so that it gets selected
but in my case, some text contains hyperlink into it. I have attached the example text.

This example text has normal text as well as text containing the hyperlink. I need to select this whole sentence using the ctrl f key. it is not getting selected using the ctrl f activity

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
No, it is not in Table Structure.

Hi @Sharon_Gifta

Do you need to get this text data? Or why do you want to find the text?

If you want to verify if the text is present or not then you can try doing get text oe get visible text or get attribute and check if the required text is present or not

Or you van use check app state as well


Hi @Anil_G
I need to copy the selected text. and i will check it according to Your answer


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